Morris County 911 Call Center

One of our current projects is the $24.6 million capital expansion of the Morris County Public Safety Academy in Parsippany. The 31,000-square-foot addition will accommodate an expanded county emergency communications center with capacity to handle dispatching, 911 and other communications services for all of the county’s 39 towns.

CDT Resources performed the installation of all voice, data and fiber optic communication cabling throughout the three story building including a state of the art data center fitted with industry leading products such as Panduit, APC. Chatsworth and Corning.

An Architectural multi-network infrastructure was presented to CDT after bid. The scope of work included installation of a double tier Chatswork cable tray parallel with a 4×4 Panduit side mount Fiber Runner cable management trough which spanned throughout a 2200 square foot data center to provide pathways for over 40 APC server racks. Gridrunner wire basket tray was also installed through the building to cover pathways to all call center stations.

An extensive fiber optic back bone from building to building along with fiber optics to monitors throughout the building and call center was laid, tipped and tested to meet all ANSI/TIA/EIA codes. Audio visual cabling to monitors consisting of HDMI and audio wiring for guest presentations and field operations was incorporated into the design and implementation.

Category 6 copper cabling was installed for over 9 different networks including a proprietary Motorola cable to each of the 40 dispatch unit desks.

With a cumulative of 500 strands of fiber, 1000+ copper lines and 100 lines of audio visual cables, CDT Resources installed and certified a project to the Morris County Public Safety Academy in which they can rely and trust on.